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Enquiry Forms

The PhysioTwo package includes 1 interactive form that will be used to allow your potential patients to contact you easily and quickly.

By having interactive forms on your website, you have tools that work for you 24/7/365, allowing you to collect and distribute information to your clients automatically!

There are many different kinds of forms that you can include on your website. You can include an enquiry form, a feedback form, a newsletter signup, or a callback request form.
  • Enquiry forms by including an enquiry form on your website, you allow your potential clients to send you specific questions without the hassle of making a phone call or opening up their email program. You can collect specific information like their name, their email address, and maybe even their physical address.

  • Feedback forms a feedback form will allow customers to quickly and easily leave feedback on your services. If you get a lot of people giving you good feedback, you could set up a testimonial page where potential customers can see how good of a Physical Therapist you are.

  • Newsletter signup forms using a newsletter to keep your patients up to date with important information is a great way to build brand loyalty. By implementing this simple concept in your business plan, you can dramatically increase your income with little extra work!

  • Call-back forms using a callback request form is a very easy way for a potential client to request to speak with a member of your team.
Once these forms have been successfully completed and sent to you, they will be taken to a thankyou page, thanking them for their time and comments. You are then free to contact the patient at your leisure.

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