No contracts

No one likes being locked into a contract for a year or more. We don't believe in taking prisoners and therefore we never lock anyone in. This enables you to remain as flexible as possible.

You can leave whenever you want, but we are sure you will be with us a long time, simply because our services are profitable for your therapy practice... Well, our unbelievable client support may be a factor, too, and also the peace of mind you will have from letting Physio123 handle your website. However if for any reason a client wants to cancel they are free to do so at any time, no questions asked.

As we do not have any contracts our clients are also free to upgrade / downgrade their packages at a time which suits them best.

Why this works

Physio123 are more than confident you will see a return on your investment. We can design you a great-looking website, and we can market your website so that it ranks highly for therapy in and around your location. This ensures people will be calling your practice and booking appointments.