Leaflet Printing


  • Full colour
  • Single or Double sided
  • Size: 210 x 99mm (DL)
  • Options:
    • Single sided 150gsm silk
    • Double sided 150gsm silk
    • Tri-fold 250gsm silk

The leaflet has been around nearly as long as the printing press. Leaflets have been used to start revolutions, promote businesses, catch criminals, and advertise important public events. They are a powerful piece of literature more than capable off speaking your message to the masses. Moreover, they are cost effective as well.


  Design Quantity
  100 500 1000 2000 5000


DL Leaflet(single sided)
£80 £63 £81 £96 £132 £228


DL Leaflet(double sided)
£160 £69 £87 £117 £153 £258


Tri-fold Leaflet(double sided)
£200 £87 £180 £240 £345 £657

Price includes free postage to any UK address.

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If you have any questions about getting your Leaflets designed and printed, simply email printing@physio123.co.uk or call 0203 397 7850.

What are leaflets?

A leaflet is essentially a printed announcement intended to describe a one-off event or provide your patients with a reference material for your business. The Physio123 team believes in the power of the leaflet to effectively communicate with your patients on an ongoing basis. We believe good leaflet design and printing could make a real difference for your practice.


Why leaflets for therapists

Our printing department has been established specifically to help therapists like you. We know what it takes to design literature that will grab the attention of your patients and encourage them to use your services.

Physio123 also understands you have plenty of competition for those new patients you are hoping to win. We believe leaflets will play a vital role in that competition, both now and in the future. Whenever you have need of a new leaflet, we want to be the company to provide it.

Whether you are opening a new office, expanding your services or announcing the addition of a new staff member, the leaflet is the right tool for the job. We can print as many as you need for your distribution goals.

Leaflet design

Our in-house design team has the necessary skill and experience to create dynamic leaflets capable of delivering results. With 20 years of combined experience, our designers have worked with therapists from all over the world to develop successful branding of websites and clinics. We would love the opportunity to put that experience to work for you.

Leaflet options

Our leaflets are all standard DL size printed on your choice of stock. We offer full colour printing, black-and-white printing, customised artwork, and complete proofing before printing.

We print our leaflets in three different styles, as follows:

DL leaflet (single sided)

The DL single-sided leaflet is our most affordable option, providing your choice of black-and-white or full colour printing on one side.

DL leaflet (double sided)

If you would like to concentrate on attention-getting graphics to get your message across, a double-sided DL leaflet is ideal. This leaflet provides printing on both sides of the stock, to your exact specifications. It is the ideal format for featuring graphics on one side and text on the other.

Tri-fold DL leaflet (front and back)

Our tri-fold DL leaflet offers you printing on both sides of the stock for a unique presentation when folded into three separate panels. This leaflet allows the maximum amount of flexibility for combining graphics and textual information. This is the leaflet you need when you have a lot of information to pass along to your patients.

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If you have any questions about getting your Leaflets designed and printed, simply email printing@physio123.co.uk or call 0203 397 7850.

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