Answering calls

Every private physiotherapist should be able to answer calls from potential patients. If potential patients are constantly greeted with a voicemail, they may hang up and not call back. However if you are treating patients, you may not be able to answer these calls so what can you do?

How to ensure that your voicemail works effectively

It is vital that the first time a potential patient contacts your practice that they are encouraged to leave a message on your voicemail if you cannot personally answer the phone.

Physio123 strongly recommend someone should be able to answer the phone at all times during business hours.

However this is not possible for everyone so the following tips will ensure that your voicemail message is effective.

  • Make your message short and precise. It should not be longer than 20 or 30 seconds. You do not have to say that you are away from your desk or even tell the caller to leave a message after the tone.
  • You should ask the caller when is the best time to return the call so that you can avoid telephone tag.
  • When you are recording your message you should first write down what you want to say and then practice it a few times. If you smile while recording your message, you will sound much friendlier. And if your accent is quite strong you should ask someone with a clear voice to record the message for you.
  • After you have recorded your message, listen to it to ensure there are no noises in the background which could be distracting.

What to include in your voicemail message:

  • Your name and the name of your practice, business or clinic if applicable
  • When their call will be returned
  • That your voice mail is confidential
  • Some practitioners include a mobile number for clients to call in the event of an emergency