Thinking of private practise?

One advantage of being a chartered physiotherapist is the fact that you can work wherever you wish. More and more physiotherapists are choosing to set up private practices these days.

Are you suited?

Do you think you would be suited to setting up your own practice? Even though you may be a superb physiotherapist, you will also have to have certain business traits and skills which will help you to make your own private practice a success.

What do you need?

Dedication - Will you be dedicated enough to work really hard when it comes to working for yourself? You may have to work very long hours without days off initially until you get your practice up and running. You have to have commitment to make it work.

Enthusiasm - Not only will you require a level of commitment but you will have to be motivated and enthusiastic enough to ensure you can continue with your goals. You have to want to make your practice a success as there will not be anyone there to make you do it.

What things do I need to consider?

Locality - Are there a lot of physiotherapists already practicing in your area? If you see that there are quite a number in practice, then you can probably take this as an indication that the demand for physiotherapists is quite high in your area. Rural areas may not be as easy to set up in as there may not be a lot of patients wanting to avail of your services.

Equipment - You will need to consider the type of patients you will be treating and where before you decide on what kind of equipment you will need.

Prices - How much are you going to charge for the services you provide? Check out the prices of other physiotherapists in your area to get an indication of how much you should be charging?

Where will my patients come from?

Where a new physiotherapists patients come from is very important. They usually come from four main sources.

  1. Those referred by GP's.
  2. Self referring patients.
  3. Those referred by health insurance companies.
  4. Referrals from others.

Want to get started?

So you want to get started and establish your own physiotherapy practice. What are your options:

  • You can choose to buy a practice which is already in existence. If you want to start working for yourself with a ready made clientele, then this is the perfect option. However it will cost you quite a bit of money so you will have to have some capital behind you
  • Alternatively, you could decide to start up an entirely new physiotherapy practice. If this is the way you want to go about it, there are a number of options open to you such as working from home, domiciliary, renting a room or renting a premises for a clinic. It can be tough to set up any new business but there are many benefits to it.
  • Another option is to try to get a few private patients who you can treat in your spare time. This means you can keep your full time job until you have begun to get enough clients to consider going out on your own. This is a slower way of doing things but can give you a greater sense of security

How can Physio123 help?

One of the most important parts of setting up a private practice is to make sure that potential patients know of your existence!

Physio123 can help you in this area. We can create an effective, professional website and use it to promote your practice. That means that any potential patients in your area will know who you are. Physio123 will constantly be marketing your practice through your website to ensure that you continue to get more patients and grow your business.

You can also take advantage of our free 6 month trial to find out how we can help establish your new practice.