Want your physiotherapy website redesigned?

You can ensure that your physiotherapy practice�s image is enhanced by having a professionally designed physiotherapy website. If your website is not designed properly it can be having a negative impact on your practice as it can be sending out the wrong image to potential patients

First impressions are important so you need to have a good website as potential patients will decide within seconds whether they want to stay on your website or not

Why would you need to redesign your website?

Websites require constant updating, what looked great five years ago may not look so good now. Redesigning your practice's website can provide an improved look and a better ability to attract visitors. Done correctly a website redesign should also improve your conversion rate and therefore increase the number of new patients for your practice.

A Physio123 website redesign does not just change the look and feel of your website, it also addresses the marketing aspects of your website. This ensures your website will generate you more new patients.

Is it the time to redesign your website?

Will your physiotherapy practice benefit from a completely redesigned website? Before you make your mind up, you might want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is your website easily found in search engines?
  • Can visitors find the information they need quickly?
  • Is your website a good representation of your business?
  • Is your website converting your visitors in new patients?
  • Is your website easy to update and manage?
  • Does your website deliver new patients?

If you find that you have answered NO to any of the questions above then you should probably think about getting your website redesigned.

  • Is your website looking dated?
  • Has your company been rebranded?
  • Is it difficult to find content and navigate your website?
  • Do people visit the site, but not contact you?
  • Do your competitors' websites look better or more professional than yours?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then you might benefit from having your website redesigned.

Get a free quote for your website redesign, and find out how your website can be dramatically improved. There is no obligation and we will use our expertise to determine the best course of action and make our recommendations to you.

Physio123 have been designing physiotherapy websites for many years and know how to maximise the potential of your practice.

Why should you choose to have your website redesigned?

  • The appearance of your website will be improved through our excellent design.
  • Your website will be successfully promoted and you will increase your search engine rankings.
  • You will get more new patients as a result of your new website.
  • The overall success of your practice will be increased.

Develop a more professional looking website

Have you made your practice's website simply for the sake of having a website? Did you just make a small website on your own since you have no experience in website designing? Did you buy a website template and make a few changes to the content? If so, then chances are that you will want to redesign your website. You may want your physiotherapy practice to get the best possible results. The key to your success may be getting new patients to pick up the phone and book appointments with you. This may depend a lot on how appealing they perceive your website looks. A website redesign can help your physiotherapy practice a whole lot in the long run.

One of the most important things that there is to know about website design is the fact that a website is often creates the first impression of your practice to potential patients. You website should reflect the essence of your practice. If you perceive your practice to be professional and want patients to perceive this as well you must have a website that reflects this professionalism.

If a potential patient finds that your practice website does not seem professional or legitimate enough, they will most likely avoid using your services. If you decide to get your website redesigned by Physio123, you can be confident that your website is as professional-looking as it should be.

Stay ahead of your competition

The internet makes it easy for your potential patients to find physiotherapists in their area. The downside is that the same is true for your competitors as well.

It is important for your website to make an impact and stay ahead of your competitors. Potential patients are often in pain and therefore impatient. They will make up their mind about a physiotherapy practice in a few seconds just by looking at their website. Your practice's website needs to out-do your competition or you will lose valuable new patients. Spend a bit of time looking at your competition. Analysing competitor's sites is one of the most important parts of the Physio123 redesign process. How does your website compare to theirs? If they are 'better' than yours it's definitely time for a redesign. If your site is of a similar standard you may think it unnecessary to redesign, but it is always better to be in front of your competitors that it is to be following them.

A timely redesign could enable you to get ahead of your competitors. This is better than waiting for them to redesign and then having to play catch-up.

Attract more patients

Physiotherapists often make the mistake of thinking that if they design a website then patients will find them. This isn't true. At least not without effective marketing.

A Physio123 website redesign will help your attract more patients in a number of ways.

Physio123 design search engine friendly websites - Building a search engine friendly site from scratch is much more effective than trying to increase your search engine friendliness once your site has been built. This means your website will be ranked higher in the search engine and more patients will come across your site.

Physio123 continually market your website to increase its search engine ranking. Once your website has been designed Physio123 will continue to market it to raise and maintain its presence at the top of the search engine results. This will mean your website is found by more patients looking for physiotherapists in your area.

Chances are that you probably already have your website listed in search engine. If so, you may know the way that search engines work is through website optimisation. This is when websites are arranged according to how well keywords match up to what a person is looking for, through keywords.

Physio123 increase the search engine optimization for your website ensuring your new website will achieve top search engine rankings.

Increase your conversions

If your website is getting visitors but you are not getting enough new patients, you have a conversion problem.

Physio123 redesign your website so that your services will start to sell themselves. We will manipulate your website visually as well as some of your website content to increase your conversion rate. This will lead to more new patients for your practice.

It's amazing to think how many therapy websites still get built without any goals or success criteria being set. You wouldn'��t treat a patient without knowing what you wanted to achieve so don'��t have a website that doesn'��t know what it wants to achieve.

While it's relatively simple to build a basic website, it's a much more involved proposition to build a website that actually performs.

The first step is to set some goals and success criteria for your site. What exactly are you trying to achieve and how will you know how when you've achieved it? Who are your users, what do you want them to do and what do they want to do?

By setting firm goals and having a good understanding of your visitors Physio123 can make informed decisions on how your website should look, work and perform.

Make sure that your website is easy to use

As your website gets older the code used to create it can sometimes be outdated as time passes, a redesign of your website for functional reasons can update all the code to make the site much more accessible. Usability and accessibility of a website these days is much more of a legal obligation than it has been in the past, if your website is not accessible and usable to everyone then you need your website redesigned so that it is. You could be missing out on huge amounts of traffic because your website doesn't allow certain people to view it at all or as easily as they need.

One of the main things that people hate about websites is when they are not easy to use. When people use a website that has confusing navigation, chances are that they will not use the website again because they will get frustrated with it. Website redesigning can help you a lot when it comes to making your website easy to use. An understandable website can lead to the overall success of your business, by increasing the number of new patients your practice gets.

Physio123 will make your physiotherapy website easier to use, and help potential patients find what they, and you, want.

Physio123 design accessible and usable physiotherapy website as standard.